How motorcycles changed my life

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why - these Mark Twain words were ringing like a bell in my mind. I fought many fears, trodden many paths... But finally found myself here, riding a bike.

I feel like it was ages ago when I had nothing to do with motorcycles , I was an ordinary girl in an ordinary relationship working like crazy and trying very competitive to reach a goal...a goal that I couldn’t define nor explain as I felt like something was missing....

So, I started to do something, going to gym 4 times per week, being the perfect baby doll dressed perfectly but always looking for something...searching for something that did not exist at that time. Buying expensive shoes , bags and clothes, wondering around the world, doing all the stuff that could have complete somehow my missing part....I remember that I had moments when I felt like I was incomplete.... feeling alone even being in a relationship....feeling like I had to do something with my life but did not know how to find that something , feeling like an alien in a world where everybody is feeling shallow and and my fears...

It all started when I decided to make a change...that kind of change that is not easy to make and takes gut to do it , that change that makes everybody wonder if you are insane or not . I decided to finish my relationship, to change my world, I decided that I had to do something! It was not easy ... I cried for weeks....but then I started to see the sun after the clouds and felt like being alive for the first time in my life! So, I have faced all the fears I had , I started with swimming lessons and learned how to swim like a fish! I love swimming ... I had no idea I could have like something that I was so afraid of.... I was always afraid of swimming ! I then bought a bicycle and start riding a bicycle in the parks and love that on a mountain bike years ago rapidly descending a hill??? No way!!! This is how i started to learn that falling is not as bad as it looks ! it hurts like crazy but it s part of the learning process so this is how the baby doll turned into a woman living my own life a life that I did not know it exists .

The motorcycle topic came easily as next thing to try out as it was one of the biggest fears in my life so I started to take some lessons and successfully completed in an exam where I was the only girl in the court yard ; an old police man was supervising me and I remember his words” from all the guys here you did the best” I was so proud of myself ! The baby doll is not there anymore!

My life completely changed in a way that I feel every single cell of my body being alive! I feel like the whole world is mine and trust me it is a perfect feeling !

I see now people not going out of the comfort zone...people that are alive but their soul is not...people being afraid to make a change... I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone! Try to live your own dream! Go out and explore yourself because you are an amazing human being! Discover your secrets and your powers! Discover your beauty! Discover YOU! s like the old man and the sea , the old man is got to be the old man and the fish is got to be the fish – you ve got to be who you are in this world no matter what because “ The two most important days in your life are the day You were born and the day You find out why “ Mark Twain