The Mini Adventure BMW G310 GS

BMW G310 GS has a chance to be a leader among small-displacement fun bikes. It has all we want here – versatility, nice design and a great legend derived from his bigger brothers. If the price is also good, it might repeat a R1200 GS success.

By Maria Danescu & Raff Betnarski


The GS family has some great players – R1200GS is one of the most popular enduro tourers in the world and its smaller siblings also don’t have to be ashamed. You can spot these models all around the world in many remote destinations and on the highest passes in the world.

BMW seems to want take another part of the motorcycle world – urban terrain. Maybe they’re also about the close trips… anyway – they offer to the world a whole new motorcycle with pretty modern technology and stylish design – G310 GS.

Let’s face it, there are many bikers who doesn’t want powerful heavy bikes. They just want something smaller, easy to handle. Something you can pick up milk from grocery with. If you look for your first motorcycle, it is a great bike to start your life adventures! Any rider would agree that smaller bike with mild power would be an excellent choice for beginners!

Same with city riding – if most of your rides are for coffee breaks or just inside the city, G310 GS might be the best choice! You don’t need to ride fast but to flow through an unpredictable traffic. The bike is perfect for stop-and-go maneuvers.

G310 GS could deliver pile of fun during close trips. It burns a little fuel, requires cheaper insurance. No matter if you are a street rider or a smaller explorer, you can always push this small beauty to a light terrain.

With a wide range of accessories ranging from a low or high seat, luggage, heated grips, 12V socket, to GPS navigation and more, nice colors like a Cosmic Black non-metallic, Racing Red non-metallic and Pearl White, BMW G310 GS might be a great newcomer, who could make our lives much easier and prettier.