Motorcycle travelers sins. These 5 things could muck up your trip

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. The reason could be both lack of experience and routine. Here are the five cardinal sins made by motorcycle travelers. Pray you won’t commit them.

By Raff Betnarski

We all love motorcycle travels. Enjoying new places, exploring unknown areas and just staying close to our motorcycles. Why our trip is sometimes a hell? The answer is often poor preparation, but even well-prepared traveler may be tempted to sin.

By sin I don’t mean bad deeds in the biblical sense, I think of those can ruin your whole trip like a evil curse. Tired of waiting for holidays, you expect our expedition the most wonderful of the Millennium. You’d like to dazzle your friends and win both Grand Press Photo and Pulitzer Prize.

But… Come on, you're going to chill out, be happy, meet people, tastes, smells. The most important things you’d bring back home are the memories and experience. Find out the five sins that can muck up your trip.

5. I took your summer suit honey


When you’re already packed, put half of your stuff down. What you left i more than enough and you won’t use even a half. Wash in the evening and put your socks twice. Nobody died from this.

4. Raincoat? C’mon, it's summer!


A place you saved putting down your elegant suede shoes and four pairs of jeans, fill with good raincoat. There’s a golden rule describing rain and bike ratio: take the raincoat, and you won’t see the rain, leave it home, you’ll see nothing but rain. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Bike inspection? Maybe when I’m back


Tires, brake pads, chain and other important parts replace rather BEFORE than AFTER, unless you like to travel with heart in mouth. Listen what your mind is telling you: if something has to fail, it’s rather gonna fail in remote Albanian village than near home.

2. Sure I'm tired, but my hotel is still 200 km away


If you don’t have to, don’t book a room. Exception: summer resorts. In any other case, just drift the road and take what it gives to you. Use your own tent. If you feel you get tired, look around, surely you’ll find something. Fixed route is evil.

1. I planned it, so I have to do it!


If you have planned your route at home, consider it as an option, not obligation. Man – it’s your free time! Maybe chasing most popular attractions at all cost is wasting your time? The real treasure is to meet and to learn: people, culture, tastes. Travel is a river - jump in and go with the flow!