What is Motorcycle Booking?

We are a platform for passionate bikers that brings together most of the motorcycle tours (guided, self-guided, enduro) and motorcycle rental operators worldwide as well as many useful information about riding on a motorcycle.

Why choose Motorcycle Booking?

Because we have great services, permanent assistance and best prices.

How can I make a reservation on Motorcycle Booking?

You will be able to choose the city and the bike that you are interested, according to model, price, period etc, with all the detailed information of the included and nonincluded services. Then you click the ’Book now’ button and fill in the booking request form. This will be sent to the service provider, who will manage your booking enquiry within 48h. Also in our section called My Account, where you will be able to find a history and details of your orders.

What is the minimum age one must have in order to rent a motorcycle?

The minimum age depends on the country in which you want to make the rental. Each time you make a reservation you will receive an e-mail with all the information necessary, including the minimum age for riding a motorcycle in various countries.

Can one rented motorcycle be ridden by two different riders?

Usually, for insurance reasons, the rented motorcycle should have one rider for the whole rented period.

What is included and nonincluded in my reservation price?

This depends from a country to another. You will find all the details about included accessories/services in every file. Also, you have the possibility to choose extra services that will helping you to have a pleasant and safe trip.

Are there any kind of insurances included in the price?

After making a reservation of each of the services on Motorcycle Booking you will receive an e-mail containing your choice of service, the dates, the price and the included services. Usually the tours and rental services have insurances.

Where is the pick-up place?

After booking a tour or a motorcycle from one of our partners you will receive an e-mail with all the information about pick-up address and contact details.

What happens if the motorcycle gets broken?

In case a malfunction occurs, the motorcycle is either repaired or replaced, making all the arrangements possible to intervene in the same day.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation of the reservation by the Motorcycle Booking Rider will result in the latter having to pay the cancellation fees as follows:

What is the size of a regular guided tour, how many persons in one group?

The tours offered by Motorcycle Booking are usually formed of groups of 8-12 riders.

How many guides are accompanying a guided tour?

Each group has one designated guide.

Can I take part in a tour without renting the motorcycle from you?
Yes, it is possible to book a tour with your own motorcycle.

What are the documents necessary for renting a bike or for booking a tour?
Renting a motorcycle or a tour is a very simple procedure, all the documents you need are copies of ID or passport and driving license for motorcycle.

Is the protection equipment mandatory?
Yes, in most countries wearing a helmet is mandatory. Even in countries that have more permissive regulations we suggest using the helmet and jacket for your own protection and comfort.

How do I pay?
Usually it is necessary to make a down payment upon reservation of 50% and the rest of 50% from the full amount charged is payable directly to the service provider. Your booking confirmation will include also the information regarding payment.

What if I get lost or I have any kind of problem on the road?

We offer you a 24 h support line to find solutions to any of your problems during your trip. Everything is designed so that you may relax and enjoy the ride! In case of a mechanical breakdown you must contact your service leaseholder. In case of accident, we offer an international coverage medical insurance.

What if the bike has a malfunction?

You will have a customer care telephone number to contact. .In case of malfunction of the bike please contact your service leaseholder in order to find solutions.

Whom do I contact if I had a problem with my booking?
If there is a technical or procedural problem with your booking please contact us at