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Discover Central Greece


  • Athens - one of the oldest cities in the world
  • The beautiful canal of Korintos - that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea
  • Ziria mountains – a fantastic ride in the mountains
  • Patra - the largest city in the Peloponnese
  • Nafpaktos - a lovely town with a picturesque Venetian port, relaxing beaches and the beautiful surroundings .
  • Riou-Antiriou - the biggest gable bridge in Europe
  • Ride through rugged mountains and canyons of Evritanias
  • Lake Plastira – a beautiful artificial lake fed by Tavropos, also one of the most visited places in Greece.
  • Meteora - the biggest and most important group of monasteries in Greece after those in Mount Athos
  • City of Volos - one of the largest and most attractive cities in Greece


  • Driver  € 2.615
  • Passenger € 1.995
  • Single room  Plus € 335
Motorcycle prices on tour 8 days rental 

  • BMW F 700 GS + 128 €
  • F800 GS   + 128 €
  • BMW R 1200 GS + 448 €

BMW F 700 GS
€ 2.743
€ 2.123
F800 GS
€ 2.743
€ 2.123
BMW R 1200 GS
€ 3.063
€ 2.443


BMW F 700 GS
€ 3.078
€ 2.458
F800 GS
€ 3.078
€ 2.123
BMW R 1200 GS
€ 3.398
€ 2.778


Included Services

  • VA.T.
  • Airport pick-up / drop off in Athens
  • Luggage storage on Athens
  • 8 Overnights accommodation in 4* / 5* hotels
  • 8 breakfasts & 8 Evening Dinners (last night farewelldinner)
  • Coffee breaks drinks
  • Expert Tour Leader (Guide) on a motorcycle
  • Spare motorcycle
  • Guide in support vehicle. Our support vehicle will always accompany our tours. Besides your luggage we also carry spare parts and a spare motorcycle. In case of an incident, we have a spare motorcycle ready so we can continue our tour without major delays. There is always a place for a passenger or two in the support vehicle .

Not Included Services

  • Air Ticket
  • Gasoline
  • Executive medical care & travel insurance
  • Scheduled attractions and visiting tickets
  • Tolls
  • Personal spending and tips
  • All services not mentioned as included and all items of a personal nature.

Tour Calendar

Tour Details:

Day 1

After everyone has arrived in Athens you will be transferred from the airport to the hotel. Here we’ll have a great dinner and we’ll enjoy a delicious traditional Greek cuisine. We’ll discuss the details of the tour in the company of a tasty wine in the old city of Acropolis.

Day 2 : Athens- Ano Trikala (160 km)

Today it is the first day of our journey. It will be a challenging day but surely deserves. We will cross the canal of Korinthos countryside towards the beautiful Ziria Mountain. After a hearty lunch we get our bikes and continue our road through curvy and lovely streets till we reach the first peaks of the Ziria. The final stop of the day will be in Ano Trikala village, a lovely place known for its excellent tourist infrastructure. Located at an altitude of 900 meters, Trikala of Korinthia is consisted of three beautiful villages, Messaia, Kato and Ano. The place where will spend the night, Ano Trikala is the largest village with an altitude of about 1100 m.

Day 3 : Ano Trikala – Elatou (260 km)

Today we leave behind the village of Ano Trikala and head to Ziria. This peaceful village is surrounded by a number of smaller mountain ranges such as the Meteora with its famous Kalavrita. They offers us stunning landscapes and streets, a perfect playground for our bikes. A pleasant ride with curves, asphalt and amazing views of the Peloponnesian villages will lead us till the city of Patra. In the late afternoon we continue riding till Nafpaktos, through the biggest gable bridge in Europe, Riou -Antiriou . The final stop of the day is Elatou, a small village surrounded by lush forests where we stay for the night.

Day 4 : Elatou – Karpenisi (150km)

After a hearty breakfast we take our bikes and head further into the rugged mountains and canyons of Evritanias. Here we’ll ride on a beautiful street in this nature park in the North of Nafpaktia that will lead us towards Karpenisi, that once was the capital of Evritania. Karpenisi it is known as Switzerland of Greece thanks to its similarity with the mountainous country which is atypical for a Mediterranean place.

Day 5 : Karpenisi – Meteora (170km)

Today we leave behind the beautiful town of Karpenisi and we head towards Lake Plastira, one of the most attractive places of Greece. This is artificial lake fed by Tavropos river and was named after a Greek politician, Nikolaos Plastira. We continue the route riding beautiful mountain passes, through olive groves and amazing lakes. In the late afternoon we the high plateau of Meteora, the last stop of the day. Here we’ll have dinner and spent the night.

Day 6: Meteora – Pilio (260 km)

Today we’ll have the chance to enjoy the magnificent region of the Kalambaka. It will be a relaxing day away from the traffic, riding between the mountains of Olympus with the Aegean Sea in sight. We start our descent along the steep roads to our last stopping point in Pilio, a beautiful mountainous peninsula in the centre of Greece Source.

Day 7 : Pilio – N. Evia (240 km)

Today we take our bikes and we start exploring the mountain of Pilio. From here we will climb into the Hania, a small village to enjoy amazing views over the Agean sea. We continue riding till we arrive the city of Volos. Away from the traffic we start our descent to the Glifa, a beautiful coastal town and port. From here we’ll enjoy a pleasant trip by ferry boat till North Evia, the final stop of the day.

Day 8 : N.Evia – Athens (230 km)

In the last day of the tour we’ll ride on the most famous road of N.Evia that will lead us into the heart of the National Park, to the highest mountain in Evia. Here we’ll enjoy a scenic drive riding through a unique world of mountains with beautiful waterfalls, massive cliffis and impressive mountain forests. In the late afternoon we reach Halkida, which is famous for its old (Sliding) Bridge Negroponte, the Strait of Euripus. From here you can watch the famous tidal phenomenon which depends on the gravitational forces of the Moon! After the last break we recharge the batteries and we ride back to Athens, the place where this amazing adventure started

Day 9 : Departure from Athens

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   Start Location: Athens
    End Location: Athens
   Duration: 9 days
 Total Distance: 1350 km
 Tour Type: Guided Tours
 Tour Difficulty: Beginner
Price: 2615.00 €

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Motorcycle Specialist

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His love and passion about motorcycles has motivated him to become a Mechanical engineer. As a result for this, the technical knowledge and the over the many years' experience, gained through the numerous trips around Greece, has put him in a position so that in any situation might occur during a trip, can provide effectively solutions. Through us, he seizes the opportunity to bring one step closer to our customers the natural beauties of Greece through the dedicated and magnificent trips.

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