Moto Guzzi 1100 California EV Special Sport

Year: 2001

Owner: Chris Steiner

      Overall Rating

In 2001, Moto Guzzi had their 80th anniversary. Next to a few other models they came up with the California special sport. The Cali is a very minimalistic bike. There are no electronic helpers whatsoever, you get what you see: a tachymeter with day trip counter, a rpm clock, and that`s it! Puristic bikers would like that. Its 16 liter tank brings you as far as 270km, depending on your driving style and the road you choose.


      Ride Quality & Brakes

To owe a Guzzi means you are not only a “driver”. It needs regular maintenance, but the 1100ccm engine is as easy to maintain as it is puristic! If one takes this time, he/she has a very reliable working horse. Although it is quite heavy (250kg dry weight) it handles like a charme. Hairpins and such are no issue for this bike, and thanks to the wide seats, one can drive more than 8 hours on a stretch without becoming tired. And a top speed of 180km/h is fast enough to bring you forward.



The 1100 Cali special sports comes with a air cooled v-twin. It provides you with strong torque even in low rpm range wich helps a lot in narrow corners. Torque at 5000 rpm is 94nm and goes to the back wheel through a drive shaft (cardan). The fuel injection system has a great timing, and the original k&n air filters provide you with a great snorkeling sound. The braking system doesn`t need an abs since the back brake has a dual brake system, means, when pushing the brake pedal, back and front break are active at the same time. An electric starting system brings live into the twin, and a gas choke helps in colder conditions.


      Build Quality & Reliability

All in all the Cali is very reliable when it comes to functionality. The engine has an enormeous endurance when maintenance is well done. Still, one should never forget that this v-engine has quite some vibrations, so it is worth to check screws and fittings every now and then. The exhausts are a masterpiece, they can last for a bikes lifetime!



The Cali special sports comes with windshield, case system and case rack.