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Porto and Douro Valley Journey


  • The historical city of Porto
  • Douro Valley - one of the most ancient wine regions in the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Riding from Régua to Pinhão – one of the best roads in the world
  • Explore the vineyards of the noblest castes in the world
  • Brava Beech Reserve - the first private protected area of the country



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Included Services

  • Motorcycle KTM Adventure (model 1090 R or 1090 S)
  • GPS (with all daily routes, with alternate gravel road routes)
  • Complete luggage system (3 suitcases)
  • Headphone communicator system for dynamic group communication (Thistle)
  • Accommodation - Hotel 4/5 stars
  • Meals (breakfast / dinner)
  • Airport and airport transfers
  • Health insurance
  • Free extra luggage storage at departure / arrival point - Porto
  • Follow-up monitoring / Road assistance
  • Equipment: Helmet (Schubert), Jacket (REV'IT), Trousers (REV'IT), Gloves (REV'IT), Boots (REV'IT)

Not Included Services

  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • lunches
  • Guide

Tour Calendar


  • All the year

Tour Details:

Day 1 Porto (200 km)

Deviation to the hilly interior where you will begin to find traditional and remote villages of Portugal where time has stopped. For meat lovers, they can delight themselves in the famous and protected Arouquesa Meat. Those who opt for the off road alternative will be able to explore the Serra da Freita and visit the villages, which preserve the traces of old houses, shale and slate, roads, and agricultural terraces. Geopark of vertiginous landscapes, which serves as habitat for several species of birds of prey. Mountainous landscapes of great beauty, typical villages of granite. Between the medieval worlds, the Romanesque and the Gothic, while visiting the patrimony of the XII. Take some of the highest roads in Portugal

Day 2 Porto - Porto (200 km)

The Road Régua to Pinhão, is considered by the experts the best road in the world, in an index that joined the curve types and the surrounding landscape. Pinhão neuralgic center of the production of Port Wine. Opportunity to explore the vineyards of the noblest castes in the world. Magical and unforgettable curves, where even the most skeptical converts to the wonders of an experience in the Douro. Castles that in different historical times, belonged to Muslims. Those who opt for the off road alternative will be able to enjoy the landscape while traversing the civilizations of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic civilizations. Abstract figures, dated from 22,000 to 10,000 years B.C.

Day 3 Porto - Porto (200 km)

Begin the day crossing the Brava Beech Reserve, that is the first private protected area of the country and is also currently pilot of the European project Rewilding Europe, with the protected wild horses, Iberian wolves, and a lot of other species. Visit castles of the founder of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, strategically built at almost 1000 meters of altitude. Traditional Trás-os-Montes Lake. The olive groves and almond trees that appear on the pink road begin to flourish. Enjoy unforgettable landscapes that this day has to offer.

Day 4 Porto - Porto (200 km)

Between the plains and escarpment of the banks of the river Douro, have fun in the curves of the section of the river that is denominated as Douro International, because this is the natural border between Portugal and Spain. It will go from one sightseeing point to another overlooking the vast vales of the river, and you can enjoy magnificent landscapes where some of the first dams of Portugal are found, until crossing the river and treading in Spanish lands, country where the main character of this region, the river Douro, is born.

Day 5 Porto - Porto (200 km)

Start the day by visiting Portuguese architectural heritage while leaving the Douro plains. As you descend towards the Douro River, you will go through the stage that was elected the most beautiful and fun to ride. Knowing some of the houses and farms of the main characters of the History of the Douro, a region with more than 250 years of wine production.

Day 6 Porto - Porto (200 km)

Surely you will not forget the 1001 curves that the return route will offer you while you leave this area which is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. The reunion with the city of Porto and with the urban landscape is progressive, starting from small villages and moving towards bigger cities, this will be the last ride with some more amazing landscapes and places to visit.


 Difficulty level of the tour : Beginner to Professional  Minimum days of tour 2 - maximum - 6  All routes are on good paved roads away from highways.  Every day there is an alternative route on gravel roads.

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Tour Info
   Start Location: Porto
    End Location: Porto
   Duration: 2-6 days
 Total Distance: 1000 km
 Tour Type: Self Guided Tours
 Tour Difficulty: Beginner
Price: 895 €

Tour Map: Portugal

Motorcycle Specialist

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