BMW F650 GS Dakar

Year: 2003

Owner: Theodor Pana

      Overall Rating

The F650 GS Dakar is a great overall bike,suitable for medium and long distance travelling. It makes best use in on andoff road terrain, for one person with luggage. The 1 cilinder engine has goodtorque even in low rpms making the motorbike easy to handle on rugged terrain.


      Ride Quality & Brakes

Confortable riding position ensures rider pleasure for long distances The 17 litres tank has an autonomy of 300-350 km. Braking quality is good, my model does not have ABS but I never had major issues such as sliding or wheel blocking even on wet tarmac. Great handling allows you to lean easily on hairpins and there is enough power to get you of of the corners on the best path.



The Austrian made Rotax engine is very responsive to quick gear changing and has good compression allowing the rider to make the best use out of engine brake. The 52 HP provide plenty of power for quick takeovers and makes it easy to use on offroad.


      Build Quality & Reliability

The Rotax engine is very reliable and the level of build quality very high. The Dakar is a rugged bike designed to take on the world, and win!



The Dakar comes with three seat heights and ABS optional. Pannier racks, panniers, crash bars, and handlebar risers are optional. I have upgraded for a 6cm bar riser making the bike really easy to handle while sitting up in the footpegs. This allows great handling on offroad even when going faster.